SOLD -- FL122449 ~ $2750 - Majestic Crystals

Guardian/Keeper of Beauty
Portal of Beauty
Magician's Healing Reservoir
Wholeness Aligning Arbor
(Hand-selected by Jach)


Look at the rich depth of color. There is a lavender hue to this amazing rose quartz sphere. There is also a wonderful clarity within this sphere. It is beautiful, powerful, and rare. Not one of a kind, but definitely a noteworthy and special crystal.

It is a Guardian and Keeper of Beauty. It protects and guards the honor as well as the integrity of beauty. We are increasingly aware of the magic of beauty: beauty begets beauty, it enchants us and it incites us to do good things in our lives and in the world. Beauty inspires us to pause and deliberate. Beauty is eternal. As we work with beauty and its magic, we can step outside the rigors of life and outside ourselves. We can be other than ordinary, we can extraordinary. This crystal can be a companion and ally in the journey of embracing and being embraced by beauty.

As a Guardian and Keeper, this sphere can also be a Portal of Beauty that we can work with as we work magic in our world and in the world around us. We can align this sphere with various hot spots that touch our hearts and that speak to our Soul. We can bring this sphere to those places in our altered states as we work our magic. It can be amazing.

This is a Magician's Healing Reservoir. As you welcome and work this crystal, you can activate it to flow all expressions of healing energy. Begin by cupping it in the palms of your hands. Focus. Be still. When it's right, lift this sphere to your brow and touch it as you close your eyes and flow your desire into the sphere. Then set it down in front of you and rest your palms on either side. Draw the healing energy into your heart and into the fullness of your body. Lower your head and rest your brow upon the sphere. Two hands and your forehead. The circuit is complete. Close your eyes and receive from the Reservoir of Healing. Incredible.

As a Wholeness Aligning Arbor, this rose quartz sphere can awaken and inspire what of your feminine energy might otherwise be waning or might continue to lie dormant within you. With such awakening and inspiration the feminine will call upon the masculine and a beautiful union and alignment can happen. Speak your desire. Welcome and work the sphere. Then be with it. Admire. Acknowledge. Honor. Celebrate. Voice your desire. An alignment and wholeness are at hand.

It's magic is Glamoury, the magic of gracious love and hope, the magic of caring and compassion. Glamoury is the magic of the chalice or healing magic of the cauldron; it is the Goddess womb. Powerful. Miraculous.

This sphere is rare because of the quality of quartz, because of the richness and depth of its color, and due to the subtle but very present lavender hue. In general, Rose quartz of any quality is becoming rare. I was really happy to come across some beautiful and high quality rose quartz. Among the several I was allowed to select whichever ones I wanted. I chose the most powerful among the lot. This sphere was the finest.

Rose quartz is clearly a stone of the heart, and it holds the resonance of unconditional love. When the energy is aligned, rose quartz can awaken and inspire energies of the Soul: tenderness, gentleness, compassion lifted by compassion. And yes, as you hold rose quartz there can be a beautiful sadness along with a quiet joy. There's a poignant smile when working with rose quartz.

Sometimes it's called the Heart Stone and rose quartz is definitely linked to the Heart Chakra. As such, its energy can augment issues of love, and it can also augment and create a bond in matters of bonding, wedding, and creating union. It's a distinctively powerful crystal.