SOLD -- FL122448 ~ $1900 - Majestic Crystals

Muse Magic
Reservoir of Creativity
Gateway to Compassion
(Hand-selected by Jach)


I love this sphere. The depth of rosy color is intense, speaking to the intensity and clarity of the power within this sphere. The array of inclusions creates a distinctive pattern of individuality and though they are not easy to see, there are some delightful reflective message plates tucked deep in this sphere. It's fiery ... it's pink ... pink fire.

This Rose Quartz sphere is aligned and encoded to inspire and active Muse Magic, which is the magic of creativity and of fire. Muse Magic emerges out of innocence or tradition and it often lifts from the one heroic voice that is found deep within us. It is the magic of movement – dance – and of dignity, and it is a lyrical magic. When we listen for the metaphorical music – the tone and percussion of life – Muse Magic with its sacred and celestial voices is at hand. This sphere is aligned to initiate such magic. Sit with it as you engage magic. Include this sphere in your crystal grids. Have it present and be conscious of its presence and grace. Magic lift becoming lofty, maybe sublime.

This is a Reservoir of Creativity. When your creativity is exhausted or spent, when you feel as if you have relinquished or lost your creativity, you can turn to this sphere. Enter it. Be replenished by it. You can recharge your Foundation of Creativity (enchantment, sacred time, allies and mentors, sacred space, matter, unknown, and celebration) and sharpen the Voices of Creativity (curiosity, imagination, inspiration, daring boldness, vulnerability, wisdom, and generosity) and hone the subtle voices (patience, compassion, resolve, joy, and integrity). Reaching further, you can awaken uncharted, unrealized creativity. It's a beautiful rosy quartz.

This is a Gateway to Compassion. With its fiery energy, you can work with this sphere to enhance your perceptions of what was, of what is, and of what will be as you work with the power to will and the power of integrity to form and reform your individuality. Lift that individuality with intimacy and passion and through the cracks will emerge compassion at an amazing depth or height. This sphere is a gateway to compassion. It can be a portal to compassion as well. It is an ally for the working of magic as part of your Great Work.

While in Tucson this year, I was really happy to come across some beautiful and high quality rose quartz. It's not an easy task anymore. High quality rose quartz is becoming rare. Among the several pieces, I was allowed to select whichever ones I wanted. I chose the most powerful among the lot. As I say, I love this sphere.

Rose quartz is clearly a stone of the heart, and it holds the resonance of unconditional love. When the energy is aligned, rose quartz can awaken and inspire energies of the Soul: tenderness, gentleness, compassion lifted by compassion. And yes, as you hold rose quartz there can be a beautiful sadness along with a quiet joy. There's a poignant smile when working with rose quartz.