SOLD -- FL122447 ~ $1000 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Harmony Crystal
Healer's Companion
Resonance Modulator
Sphere of Beauty
(Hand-selected by Jach)


Rose quartz of any quality is becoming rare. There are lots of rose quartz trinkets available but their quality is questionable or poor. I was really happy to come across some beautiful and high quality rose quartz. Among the several I was allowed to select whichever ones I wanted. I chose the most powerful among the lot.

Rose quartz is clearly a stone of the heart, and it holds the resonance of unconditional love. When the energy is aligned, rose quartz can awaken and inspire energies of the soul: tenderness, gentleness, compassion lifted by compassion. And yes, as you hold rose quartz there can be a beautiful sadness along with a quiet joy. There's a poignant smile when working with rose quartz.

Sometimes it's called the Heart Stone and rose quartz is definitely linked to the Heart Chakra. As such, its energy can augment issues of love, but it can also augment and create a bond in matters of bonding, wedding, and creating union. It's a distinctively powerful crystal.

This is an absolutely beautiful sphere with a softness to its hue. The soulfulness of rose quartz stands out with this particular sphere. Just hold it awhile and be quiet. Let the outside world become distant as you and this quartz enter the quiet. You will feel the shimmer of tenderness and you can relax into the gentleness that seems to surround and cushion you. A quietness fills your heart, doesn't it? There is something wonderful ... alluring about this sphere.

It is a Magician's Harmony Crystal. Welcome it and work it. Then hold it cupped in your hands at eye level. Get lost in the pink. Let your vision blur as the boundaries between you and this sphere blur. Close your eyes and feel the rose light flowing up through your hands, past your wrists, up your arms to your shoulders. The pink light splashes into your torso. Imagine your entire body filling. As if an empty vessel is being filled, be a receptacle of the Rose Balancing Light. As the light is absorbed, you wake up with a sense of balance. Centered. Alive. You can also use this Harmony Crystal to bring balance to the masculine and feminine energy within you. As well, you can work to bring harmony to situations in your life and in the world.

It is a Healer's Companion. For those who professionally work healing magic, this crystal is a wonderful companion. It can restore exhausted or spent healing energy. It can augment the flow of magic as you go about your work. A doctor? A therapist? Have this sphere on your desk or on the table next to you. Not a professional but a powerful healer? Likewise, let this sphere be your companion. It can add dimension to the beauty and power of your work.

It is a Resonance Modulator. You can set the resonance you desire for an upcoming meeting or gathering or for an evening at home. You can set a resonance and add this sphere to your crystal grids. Powerful. Really powerful.

Finally this wonderful soft rosy crystal, like so many rose quartz crystals, is all about beauty. This one can open you to the Spheres of Beauty – the focuses of beauty – in your life. It can also be your ally as you go about uncovering and unfolding beauty in your life and in your magic