Rose Quartz Spheres - Majestic Crystals

Rose quartz of any quality is becoming rare. There are lots of rose quartz trinkets available but their quality is questionable or poor. I was really happy to come across some beautiful and high quality rose quartz. Among the several I was allowed to select whichever ones I wanted. I chose the most powerful among the lot and three are included in this crystal mailing.

Rose quartz is clearly a stone of the heart, and it holds the resonance of unconditional love. When the energy is aligned, rose quartz can awaken and inspire energies of the soul: tenderness, gentleness, compassion lifted by compassion. And yes, as you hold rose quartz there can be a beautiful sadness along with a quiet joy. There's a poignant smile when working with rose quartz.

Sometimes it's called the Heart Stone and rose quartz is definitely linked to the Heart Chakra. As such, its energy can augment issues of love, but it can also augment and create a bond in matters of bonding, wedding, and creating union. It's a distinctively powerful crystal.