SOLD -- FL122412 ~ $480 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Palming Crystal
Portal to the Imaginal/Faerie
Portal to Mystery/Unknown
Co-Creation Seed
(Hand-selected by Jach)


So clean, so clear, and such a delicate hue of pale citrine. The delicate inclusion, a subtle touch of individuality, reflects the quiet but exceptionally strong C-Axis. This is a distinctive Magician's Palming Crystal. Double terminated with a secondary termination as a Dow Point that elegantly transmits and receives energy. The primary termination has a singular transmitter-receiver face, and it also has a beautiful gauze veil that is reminiscent of a delicate spider web caught in the morning dew. Shimmering. Radiant. Enchanting. It's in the peak along with a splash of rainbow light. Panache.

You can hold this crystal any way you want. It is meant to be handheld. However it's fine to rest it beside you for hands-free magic. There are two basic positions and each can augment the power and the magic of this citrine gem. First, you can cup it with both palms with either termination up. Most likely when cupping it, you will have either of the primary presenting faces toward you. Second, you can cup the crystal with one of the primary presenting faces up. Turn the crystal slightly so that the other primary face (the one that is facing down) is resting in your right or left palm. In this position you will be looking at a side that is an octagon or a side that has an irregular seven sides.

Through the octagon: This a portal to the Imaginal Realm or to the Faerie Realm. State your desired destination. Focus. With a catch of breath or a blink of an eye, enter and flow through the portal.

Through the 7-sided gate: This is a portal to the realms of Mystery or to the Unknown. In a similar fashion you can enter those realms. Also you can open this gate and allow the resonance of Mystery or of the Mysteries to enter the magic you are working. Likewise you can bring the Unknown into your workings. There are fertile creative energies in Mystery. There is resolve and power in the Unknown.

This unique little Magician's Palming Crystal is also a Seed of Co-Creation Magic. Have it with you as you engage in the commerce of co-creation and as you lift your Co-Creation Magic to loftier levels.