SOLD -- FL122403 ~ $200 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Palming Crystal
Gateway to the Imaginal
Gateway to the Faerie Realm
Magician's Balancing Stone
(Hand Selected by Jach)


This Palming Crystal is so much bigger than its size. It is so vibrant with light that is reflective and also illuminating. There are several transmitter-receiver faces on this double terminated clear quartz crystal, distinctive because of its clarity and due to the strength of the double terminated C-Axis. Notice the vertical lift of the inclusions. Also notice the window the inclusions of shimmering light create. As with the other Palming Crystals, welcome it and work it. Then place it in the palm of one hand, move it to the other palm, and then let it rest in the palm of your dominant hand, right or left. Place it so that the primary presenting face is up. Leave or turn it according to your intuition or habit. Work your magic or allow the magic of its resonance.

Dancing rainbows and glimmering light distinguish this tiny palming crystal. It is encoded as a Magician's Balancing Stone and when you feel off center or out of balance or when you know your chakras centers are out of alignment, work with this crystal. Let it help you.

Mostly this crystal is intended as a Gateway or a Doorway to the Imaginal or to the Faerie Realm. With one termination up, you will see the gate and you will know where it leads you or go through it and find out. As you turn the other termination up you will find a very different gate. It goes to where the first one didn't.

It's powerful and beautiful. Despite its small size there is something appealing, alluring, almost seductive about this crystal. You will find yourself playing with it more often than you expect.