SOLD -- FL122457 ~ $875 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Enhancement Crystal
Vortex of Enchantment
Gateway to the Between
(Hand-selected by Jach)


I was drawn to the incredible light of this green gold citrine beauty. It is filled with a dazzling chaos of inclusions and yet there is such an amazing clarity to this crystal. Crystals have been called frozen light. That's a fitting description of this beautiful handheld Green Gold Citrine stone. Wow.

It has a classic Sirius Face – the primary face is 5-edged. That means it has a strong link to the resonance of Sirius and to the magic of our tradition. It is a Magician's Enhancement Crystal. Welcome it, work it (trace the edges of its faces and sides, acknowledge it and honor it), and cup it in your hands. Lift it to eye level. Touch it to your brow and close your eyes. Whatever magic you are working can be enhanced. Whatever ideas you're forming, whatever plans you're creating, whatever hopes are percolating ... all can be enhanced. This lemon citrine does what quartz crystals do: gather, hold and release energy, amplify energy, condense and communicate energy. As a citrine, it can gather and release negativity (it cannot hold it). It is small. Highly portable, and beautiful.

It is a Vortex of Enchantment which is unusual for such a small crystal. It is busy with the energies of mystery, imagination, wonder, and hope. They seem to be in chaos, but in chaos there is an implicit order: magic, beauty, creativity, and understanding. There is a swirl of joy along with innocence, and an ordering of compassion and possibility. In the quiet of beautiful chaos, there is a rush of belonging – of knowing you are in the right place at the right time. Following that: forgiveness. Look at the primary face and now at the bottom. There is the entry to the Vortex of Enchantment. You can work with this crystal to bring enchantment to your life and to your magic.

Finally, this is a Gateway to the Between. Again, at the base of the primary presenting side is a portal of clarity. Turn the crystal counterclockwise one side. Another entry. Continue turning twice. The opposing side to the presenting face also has an entry. Move through the gate into the labyrinth and surrender to the Between. The magic is alive.

Green gold citrine is rare. I first came upon it three years ago. This is the third year and I was fortunate to come upon several pieces – generators and spheres – of exceptional quality. There were other pieces but their tone was not right and they were subtly or significantly cloudy. I was taken by the crisp clarity and the intense power of the group that I found. This one's a sweet crystal. Due to the rarity and to the specific physical and metaphysical nature of these crystals, they are pricey.