SOLD -- FL122455 ~ $600 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Dreaming Stone
Co-Creation Gateways to the Worlds of Other
Magician's Balancing Centering Crystal
(Hand-selected by Jach)


I find green gold citrine fascinating. More than its color, which is wonderful, I am fascinated by the intensity of power contained in exceptionally small crystals. Lemon Citrine is rare and large pieces are almost non existent. Despite the small size, they are immensely powerful. This one has unusually strong A- and C-Axes. It feels like a sphere throwing its energy in all directions with equal force.

Explore this crystal. There is a wide open portal on the largest side and a Wall of Truth is revealed. Turn it clockwise twice. There is a narrow corridor – the Narrows? Go back to that largest side and turn it counterclockwise and there is an alluring door into ... what? There are dancing rainbow light that play with you. Teasing rainbows and a light humor that tickles.

This is a Magician's Dreaming Stone. Welcome it and work it. Then gently cup it in the palms of both hands. Stare into it while you are still and silent. Then talk to that opening about the ideas, the plans, the projects, and the dreams that you are developing or holding. Let the crystal listen. Let the energy of your dreams go into the crystal. Beyond your view allow the commerce of magic. Co-Creation Magic is at hand.

This is also a Gateway to the Worlds of Other. You can make your way into the Imaginal or into the Faerie Realms. Or perhaps your destination is the Underworld or your Unconscious Mind. This crystal can be your guide and guardian.

Finally it is a Magician's Balancing and Centering Crystal. In the hurricane of turmoil in our world and thus in our lives, we can find the elegant eye with this Magician's Balancing and Centering Stone. It's amazing. It's magical.

A reminder: Green gold citrine is rare. I was fortunate to come upon several pieces – generators and spheres – of exceptional quality. There were other pieces but their tone was not right and they were subtly or significantly cloudy. I was taken by the crisp clarity and the intense power of the group that I found. Due to the rarity and to the specific physical and metaphysical nature of these crystals, they are pricey.