SOLD -- FL122453 ~ $2400 - Majestic Crystals

Ancient One: Miracle Maker
Ancient's Dream Weaver
Portal of Co-Creation Magic
Purveyor of Peace
(Hand-selected by Jach)


I almost couldn't believe it ... a small Lemon Citrine sphere that is an Ancient One: Miracle Maker. So small, so portable, so immensely beautiful and powerful. I held it and put it down and turned away. Cleared my head. Felt like washing my hands to clear the energy. I returned to this sphere and held it again. It was so clear: "Ancient One ... Ancient One ... Ancient One!" Then a pause and a whisper, "Miracle Maker."

Things I noticed: 1) the multilayered Galactic Message Plate that divides this sphere, as above so below. The small reflective message plates tucked into the misty layers. 2) The plate keeps changing as I look through any number of the infinite sides of a sphere. 3)There's an opaque inclusion in the base, and when you turn the sphere upside down, there is a dynamic gateway to the Between of Worlds and to Other Worlds. It sort of leaps out demanding attention. 4) With each subtle turn the terrain changes but always opening, always welcoming. It is as if whatever choice I make, this Ancient One will accept and accommodate me. 5) It's captivating as it captures my attention and imagination. I feel the urge to release my desires and my expectations into this amazing sphere that comes increasingly alive as I hold it and work it and listen to it.

This is an Ancient One: Miracle Maker that is busy weaving dignity with intensity and with spirit to create a synergy of freedom, all essential components of making miracles. Sitting with this Ancient One by holding the sphere or placing it eye level or slightly lower, allows the flow of dignity with intensity and the flow of intensity with dignity. In the awakening of spirit and the yearning for freedom, there is an integrity. There is merit to this sphere long before miracles are made. As an Ancient One, it offers the full complement of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients and as you draw it close to your heart, the Grace of the Ancients can flow into you.

It is also an Ancient's Dream Weaver. As you work with this sphere and let yourself surrender your sense of separateness and know that you are a part of it and it is a part of you, you remember the Weaver Woman and the weaver in you. You can enter the sphere and cross the terrain "tearing apart" what you are not, or what you want to let go of and leave behind. Then you can weave something more beautiful of who you are. You can work with the dreams you desire by focusing on the energy and the function of those dreams. Place all that in the below and let it rise through the layers of that Galactic Message Plate. Let the pieces be woven into form. Let it unfold. Let it come.

Move through the mists and use those reflective message places scattered about in the mist of the Galactic Message Plate as Oases of Co-Creation. From Ambiguity drop down to below and let the light of hope carry you to a sacred place. Call your Co-Creation Team. Work your magic together.

Finally this is a Purveyor of Peace. It can bring the nourishment and the nurturing of peace – of the Essence of Peace. You can work with it personally. You can work with it as a Champion of Peace. You can work with it as you infuse the hot spots of the world that touch your soul as you flow the resonance of peace into those turmoils, crises, and into that chaos.

It's small, and one of the small, handheld Ancient Ones that I was seeking during my Tucson trip this year.

The story of this sphere: It began its journey as a large clear quartz generator in the early days of Lemuria. It was unearthed by a Lemurian and his teacher/mentor who was a Siriun Magician. The Lemurian, 7th generation, had felt lost and depressed. So many around him had found their calling and had begun their journey. He had done neither. Maybe we was shallow, a dilettante with no calling at all. Maybe he was just an ordinary man who didn't really matter at all. He had gone to festivals and after a fashion had "sat in the front row and enthusiastically raised his hand," but no one seemed to notice. Until a Sirius Magician sat next to him. She was beautiful, intimidatingly beautiful. She spoke softly, "I will help you find yourself." They went on a long vision quest. She was patient; he was not. About to give up and call it quits, they climbed into the mountains to return to his home in the lush farm lands. Almost to the rim, he came upon – actually tripped over – a large raw stone. Damn. He had sprained his ankle. As this created a pausing in his descent into mediocrity, he sat with the boulder. Metaphorically it spoke to him. His ankle healed but he never went home again. He would make his way to the Crystal City of Healer and become a Lemurian Healer Shaman – healing lost and forgotten souls, resurrecting spirits that had died, healing the unforgiven of the past and the wounds that would not heal. The stone was too big to move. He had all that it was not cut away. What remained was polished into a sphere 24" in diameter. The generator became a sphere. Still large but moveable. It accompanied him for nearly 400 years during which time the Healer had become a Sage Healer and the Ancient One: Miracle Maker had awakened. The companionship and the magic was amazing. Miraculous.

There were four other keepers of merit in Lemuria. Two were healers and the final two were Lemurian Dreamers. As the land slipped into the mist, at a Congress of Dreamers, the final Lemurian Guardian dreamt this large sphere into the future.

It woke up in the second generation of Atlantis during the glory days. It was celebrated and honored in a High Temple of Magic and people from across the two islands of Atlantis came to weave new dreams and perhaps to make miracles. It was during the glory days that the Portal of Co-Creation Magic opened. At various sessional celebrations, this crystal would be removed from its temple and placed in the sand of the beach. Magicians would gather and sit around it and talk of the magic they wanted to work individually and together. As the sun set and night joined them they would raise a cone of power and work magic as one ... co-creation magic. The portal opened.

The first and only keeper in Atlantis came during the darkening days. As temples were closing, the villagers moved this crystal into the forest and covered it with brush that was tended and changed regularly. But even this became too dangerous. They met and decided that this crystal would be hidden in a root cellar and entrusted to a young girl, a newly awakening magician. Who among the authorities would suspect a naive young girl would have such an immensely powerful crystal in her keeping? They all agreed it was a crafty and wise plan.

And it was, except one among the villagers had wanted to be chosen for that task. He was jealous. Envious. He enlisted two of his friends to steal the crystal sphere and to take it deep into the forest of safekeeping. The first part of their plan worked, but they didn't hide it safely. He was so smitten with what he had done – look at how powerful he really was. Right? Hubris. The authorities found him. They killed him and broke the sphere. They split it in half and it divided into three pieces. They didn't shatter it. They wanted to break the spirit and dash the hope of people. They wanted all to see that the treasured sphere was broken. The three pieces remained as a reminder of what was once a sphere.

The young girl, devastated by what had happened, waited more than a decade. Then she returned to collect one piece that had the heart – the essence – of the crystal. She gave it to her faerie friend who was also her lover. She would go on to become a powerful magician and a revolutionary leader. A visionary among her community of magicians. But there was always an empty spot because of what had happened in her youth. Forgiveness never fully came.

Now the crystal consciousness is awake in this small lemon citrine sphere. It seeks reunion. There were four Lemurian Keepers, a keeper from Atlantis, and a thief. The keeper in Atlantis was a reincarnation of one of the Lemurians. Yes, it's complicated. You have known this crystal before. Sit and listen. Were you one of the Lemurians or were you the Lemurian-Atlantean? (You were not the thief.)

Congratulations on the reunion with this amazing Ancient One. It's a miracle.:)

Please note: Lemon citrine is rare. I was fortunate to come upon several pieces – generators and spheres – of exceptional quality. There were other pieces but their tone was not right and they were subtly or significantly cloudy. I was taken by the crisp clarity and the intense power of the group that I found. Due to the rarity and to the specific physical and metaphysical nature of these crystals, they are pricey.