SOLD -- FL122451 ~ $1900 - Majestic Crystals

Magician's Enhancing Sphere
Magician's Healing Stone
Polarity Spheres: Resonance Modulation
Polarity Spheres: Opening Worlds Between
(Hand-selected by Jach)


Counterpart FL122452

This crystal along with its counterpart stand out because they function together as a team and as one crystal. There is complexity here: they function as one yet they don't lose their individuality.

This crystal, a luscious green gold citrine sphere, has wonderful floating message plates, as if suspended, against a backdrop of light chaos. Turn it another way to reveal etched message plates holding the records and the energies of healing magic. Yet another way and suddenly there is a vast open space of enchanting clarity.

It is a Magician's Enhancing Sphere. Welcome it, work it by rolling it in the palms of your hands and cupping it as you acknowledge it and honor it. Then stare into whatever of its infinite number of sides attracts you or speaks to you. Now whatever magic you are working can be enhanced. Whatever ideas you're forming, whatever plans you're creating, whatever hopes are percolating ... all can be enhanced. This lemon citrine does what quartz crystals do: gather, hold and release energy, amplify energy, condense and communicate energy. As a citrine, it can gather and release negativity (it cannot hold it). It is small. Highly portable and amazingly powerful. Combine it with its counterpart and the power can increase, perhaps even increase exponentially. Can you imagine that?

It is a Magician's Healing Stone and it is a Portal that can allow healing energy to flow into you and your reality. You can direct that flow to others, especially to another's Higher Self and Soul. You can open that portal to flow healing energy into the hot spots of the world that touch your heart and speak to your Soul.

As Polarity Spheres they can function as a Resonance Modulator to create and set the resonance you desire. You can place them in a crystal grid. You can align them in your home to set a resonance for an evening or for a period not to exceed 72 hours (three days). You can also take them into meditation and place them in the hot spots of the world, or in a global conference to set the resonance according to your will, your imagination, and your love. Magic!

Likewise, place these two spheres and you create a portal through which to pass for opening the Between of worlds ... to enter the Between of paradox or contradiction, to enter the Between of confusion and chaos, or the Between of ambiguity. In the Between the forces of magic and the forces of change are the strongest. The most powerful. You can also enter the Worlds of Other, such as the Imaginal or Faerie.

This is an amazing little crystal and together with its counterpart, Co-Creation Magic can become exalted.

Just a quick reminder: Green gold citrine is rare. I was fortunate to come upon several pieces – generators and spheres – of exceptional quality. I was taken by the crisp clarity and the intense power of the group that I found. Due to the rarity and to the specific physical and metaphysical nature of these crystals, they are pricey.

They can be purchased separately, but to facilitate keeping them together, if purchased as one, there is a 15% discount.