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Magician's Balancing Sphere
Magician's Healing Flower
Magician's Companion
Purveyor of Dominion
(Hand-chosen by Jach)


Flower Amethyst is rare, usually found only in Australia or Tasmania. Its initial formation is a cluster of clear (usually milky) and amethyst quartz that flows together. Sometimes it is presented as a cluster, but most often the heart of the cluster is dense and the energy and force — the power — is intense. Flower Amethyst is best presented as a sphere. As you examine the surface, you can see the distinct outline of amethyst points and the flowery flow of milky quartz. These particular spheres are unusual because of the elegant flow of energy. The color is rich. Gemlike. The coloration is sharp and clean. These are incredibly beautiful spheres. Captivating and enchanting.

Amethyst in general is called the “Meditator’s Crystal” because it clears away negative resistance and constricting interference patterns and opens a pathway to connect with one’s Higher Self. Flower Amethyst is uniquely powerful in this nature. The reason the flower formed is because there is an intense flow of energy — of power — in that spot. It is as a Vortex of Power with an energy flow or stream that can carry you into altered states in elegant style.

This particular Flower Amethyst Sphere is aligned as a Magician's Balancing Sphere. When you feel out of balance, off center, or when you realize your chakras are out of alignment, work with this sphere. Welcome it and work it, and then sit with it, focusing on the flower. Then turn it around to focus on the milky opening on the opposite side. Turn back and focus again. Now close your eyes and hold the sphere close. Breathe gently. You will find your center.

For healing work, welcome and work the sphere. Cup it in your hands and speak the healing you desire. Then hold the sphere eye level and breath in the color. Breath slow and deep and image your entire body being filled with the deep rich amethyst hue. Lie back and place the sphere near or on the area to be healed or upon the appropriate chakra center.

Notice the deep purple at the center of the flower with the indications of small amethyst points. There is a band of white and then another ring of purple. The balance and the healing happens on several layers and the depth reaches into pockets of resistance. This is an unusually powerful balancing and healing sphere. Respect it and it will work wonders for you. This sphere is also a Magician's Companion and it can assist in all aspects of the workings of your magic.

Finally this is a Purveyor of Dominion. As you work with your connection to Nature and to the Nature spirits, this crystal can be a companion and an ally. When you focus on creating dominion in your life – to live a life where the world supports you and is a friend – this sphere can be a beautiful resonance modulator.

There is a special charm to this sphere. Let it touch your heart and open your eyes.