SOLD - FL122353 ~ $20,500 - Terry Clancy

Ancient One: Shining One
Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination
Vortex of Co-Creation
Purveyor of Hope
(Gladly Hand-selected by Jach)

12" by 10" by 7"

It was unearthed in Lemuria by a Siriun Ancient of the Feline-Leonine People, a Fire Being. The presenting faces are all Sirius Faces with five-edges. This crystal has been infused and encoded with Sirius Magic and it was awakened in the resonance of Lemurian Magic. The inclusions and mists reflect the cauldron in the base and the mists of mystery lift, and the massive vertical message plates leap and reach upward like fiery flames with feathery tips. There is mystery here and incredible power and divine and unfathomable magic. For all the apparent chaos in this crystalline world, there is an implicit order that is even more powerful in its subtle quietness.

The Siriun Ancient was a Master Teacher and Judge. He taught the esoteric teachings, the secret teachings of his land. He taught the wonders of magic with an emphasis upon unfolding destiny, harnessing the forces of love, and awakening the powers of imagination. He was called a Master Magus and he was revered among the Fire Beings and throughout the lands of Sirius. He was nearly 900 years old when he was called to Lemuria. Without hesitation he responded. A teacher was needed to gently guide the new kind of human beings that we now call Lemurians. The Magus came when the fifth generation was born. He was enthusiastic at first applying his usual teaching techniques. But these new people were inexperienced and unruly. They just didn't respond as they were supposed to according to his expectation or his rules. Frustration quickly lead to depression and was inching its way to despair. He withdrew into his private solitude. Silent. Alone. Unbending. Maybe he should just go home. Maybe another would have success. He went on a vision quest seeking answers. He came back dragging this crystal in a dilapidated cart. It was huge and raw and ugly. Just like he felt. He went into his studio refusing to see anyone. He wanted to be alone, alone with this ugly unruly chunk of stone. It took him nearly 8 months to find the light in the stone – to find the light in his heart. He cut away the crust and the stone and the ugliness and he cut and polished this crystal. Once this crystal had emerged at his hand, he sat with it. Listening. Learning. He knew what he had to do. He infused this shimmering, luminous crystal with himself, all his magic, all his knowledge, and yes, beyond his pity and depression, with all his love. He let the crystal rest. He covered it to allow the magic beyond his view. The Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination was awake. When it was ready (really when he was willing and ready), he entered the Narrows: He entered the crystal's narrow gateway. Once within this Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination, he threw away all his old rules and expectations. He abandoned his rigorous and tired hopes. He surrendered to the moment and descended not into pity or despair, but into the cauldron beneath the mist. When he emerged from the cauldron and from this crystalline domain, he carried this Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination into the world. He reentered the world on fire with passion. The Feline-Leonine, the Fire Being, was back and ready. He worked with the Lemurians listening to their needs, their desires, their dreams. He listened for the symbols and metaphors. He listened for the functions that were between the words or beyond them. He would fashion his teaching and his assessments to their world, not his. He would enter the crystalline world regularly. He would also take some of his students, some of his "kids," through that narrow gateway into Realms of Imagination and into the currents of hope. This Ancient One became his companion and fellow teacher – the fellow Magus. They co-created together.

As an Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination, as you sit with this crystal, the Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients are fully available to you with an emphasis upon the Counsels of Mattering, Issues of the Heart and Mind, and of Voice. There is also a focus on the Gifts of Magic and Hope and upon Belonging and Triumph. Let yourself look in through the windows and unleash your imagination. It is then that you will be touched by the Grace of the Ancients and that Grace can inspire yours. Further, this is a Sentinel of Imagination. Imagination is the most powerful tool we have. It restores and refurbishes our desires and expectations. It is also an unbelievably powerful energy and force in the workings of our magic and in the living of our lives. Imagination is key to problem solving and choice. And decision making. It is an inexhaustible resource in a world of limited ones. The Ancient One stands silent – a Sentinel. As you sit with it, as you welcome and work it, as you enter its domain, with little or no effort at all, imagination is sparked. It can be set on fire. It can be wild and free to soar. As Lazaris says, "Don't tame the strangeness." Let imagination be wild. But we do need to direct it. We may not tame the strangeness but we do need to tame our imaginations. This Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination can work with you to both set your imagination free and then rein it in to give it direction. And a significant direction is for Co-Creation Magic.

The teaching and loving of the Siriun Magus was beautiful and wonderfully successful. He worked with most to teach how to work magic in the living of their lives, and how to work magic to become more of themselves. Among his students, some went on to become Healers and Teachers, some became Witnesses and Dreamers. Among them Sages emerged. When his life was complete he was ready to return home when he heard the call. But he immediately knew that he needed to find another to guard and keep this dearest of companions. It only took two months to know and to know again that one of his youngest students was the right one. He did doubt himself and the Ancient One at first. She was so young.

She accepted the gift with honor. She hadn't been called, so she didn't understand, but she would keep this crystal and guard it. Sure. As she sat, she listened. And she began imagining. The next fall she was called to healing. Though it was difficult and her parents objected, she insisted and they relented. She took this crystal with her to the Rim of the World, through five years of the Magic Land, and into the Crystal City of Lemurian Healers. She returned to the world two decades later. She would have come sooner but she spent 5 years teaching the ones new to the City. She would become a Sage Healer soon after. Beloved and renowned for her miraculous healings, she became known for working with the hopeless and the ones other healers had given up on or abandoned. Other healers wanted to know her secrets and her techniques. Instead she gathered a group of healers and they would meet in the Magic Land. They would sit around this crystal and flow their distinctive magics into it. There the magics would commingle. At first a chaos of magics clashed and twisted and turned, and then a standing wave of magic emerged. A resonance of magic more powerful than any of its components flowed out through the faces of this Sentinel of Imagination, and a Vortex of Co-Creation woke up. The magic that emerged was a new magic. It didn't belong to any of them, it belonged to all of them. It was a co-created magic for co-creation. The miracles flowed.

This is a Vortex of Co-Creation. Enter the narrow gateway and the mists and mix of inclusions, move through the Oases of Co-Creation, and find that touch of personal greatness and of luminous hope. It is found in the ambiguity of this crystal that is a Sentinel of Imagination. Perfect! Then call your co-creation team and sense them entering through that gateway. Work your magic.

You can also work the magic as the Sage Lemurian Healers did. Flow your magic and the magics of your co-creating team or of other seen friends who are fellow magicians, into the crystal from all sides. Imagine the chaos. Imagine the clash. Then imagine the standing wave and resonance of a new magic merging. Let it flow out of the doorway. It's a Vortex of Co-Creation.

The Sage Lemurian Healer continued her journey for close to 400 years and then she entrusted this crystal to yet another keeper. He had been named and called to be a Witness. He was excited; his parents were disappointed. They wanted a Dreamer in the family. They sent him off abruptly but this Sage Healer, seeing what was happening and recognizing the hurt of a broken heart, intercepted the boy. She had known similar hurt when her parents had objected to her calling and had only sent her off. She sat with him and she worked her magic. They talked. She walked with him to the Rim of the World. He deserved a loving send off. When the Mysterious Stranger came, she gave the boy this crystal and bid them both farewell. Her journey was ending. His was just beginning.

Surely it was his nature and his magic. Perhaps the resonance of that first keeper the Siriun Feline-Leonine Master Teacher and Judge continued with this crystal, but the boy grew to be a man and one of the most influential Witnesses in all the land. Known and renowned for the clarity of his assessment, the fairness of his judgments, he was always just, always humane, always compassionate and loving. In this work, his witnessing and judging saved hundreds of lives that might have been lost in disputes and in revengeful violence. He was a peacemaker as well as witness. His secret? Imagination and calling upon the Elders – the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of his tradition. Perhaps he called upon that fiery Siriun. He definitely called upon the Sage Healer who loved him with her farewell and this crystal.

There were six more keepers of merit, nine in all. The next two were Dreamers, two more where Sage Healers, there was another Witness, and the final was a Master Teacher of the Ancient Wisdom and a Teller of the Tales. She was really a Dream Weaver among the everyday people. Not a Lemurian Dreamer, but a dreamer nonetheless. She loved people and loved giving people a second chance. The eighth keeper, the second one to be a Witness, saw her at work and knew without certainty this crystal was hers. His journey was not done, but he gave her the crystal anyway. She was speechless which was unusual for a storyteller. She recognized this crystal. She knew its terrain from every face and side. She had looked through those windows before. When? Where? She didn't know. But she knew, yes, this was her crystal coming home. She continued telling the tales and teaching the Ancient Wisdom and this crystal was there at her side. The magic wasn't obvious perhaps, but it was real. The beauty and the love and caring ... and the hope changed people's lives in accordance and compliance with their will but also and maybe at times more importantly, in accordance with their love and their imagination.

When she was ready to die, this crystal fell silent. It was its healing time and hers as well. She took it to the Rim of the World and waited. A Mysterious Stranger came. The Stranger didn't speak and neither looked at each other. She just gave the Stranger the crystal. The Stranger took it.

The last keeper was a reincarnation of the first. The circle was complete. The crystal was collected by a Stranger who was a Shining One and it was taken into the Hall of Lights. The hitherto dormant Ancient One: Shining One was awakened. It has remained in the Hall of Lights until recently. Now it's here seeking reunion. Which keeper were you? One of them for sure. Imagine that.