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Ancient One: Shining One
Ancient Ones: Grandmother/Grandfather
Ancient One: Weaver, New Dreams
Labyrinth of Wisdom: Seeds of Goodness
Portal to the Worlds of Other
(Joyously Hand-selected by Jach)

11" by 9" by 9"

This is crazy wonderful. It is two clear – crystal clear – quartz crystals joined as one, and each has a dazzling array of mists, inclusions, and message plates that lift and shift and explode with vibrant life. Alive. One moves with the flurry of spirit and the dynamism of masculine energy while the other flows with the presence of soul and the potentials of feminine energy. The conjoining of spirit and soul. Oneness.

Begin with the primary presenting face and side toward you. The masculine is more visible but the feminine is present, unyielding. Turn it slowly counterclockwise all the way to the Sirius Face. The feminine side opens revealing an amazing and magical world that is fluid and flexible and that is alive with possibility and potential as well as with imagination and fantasy. Continue turning and the division between the two seems solid and impervious at first. Keep turning. As the masculine side is revealed and exposed, vulnerable, the wall comes down, the boundaries fall away and there's a confluence of energy, a confluence of magic that is dynamic and powerful. Endless. Continue turning to complete the circle. Look again at the masculine side. It's stunningly beautiful and immensely powerful. Ready to reveal meaning and understanding. Yeah, it's crazy wonderful.

This crystal is a conjoined Ancient One: Grandmother and Ancient One: Grandfather. Extremely rare. But it began its journey in the Hall of Lights of Sirius. Even more rare. At the outset it was unearthed by two Shining Ones. Recognizing that they were conjoined Ancients, they brought it into the Hall and together the Shining One aligned and infused it as an Ancient One: Shining One. It remained in the Hall until the guardians, yet unknown, were ready to accept the responsibility and the crystal was ready to enter the world.

She was born of the Eagle People and he of the Crystal People. They were both so young when they met at a celebration on the shores of the smaller planet, the land of Eagle and Dolphin People. They were both already magicians from a long heritage of Ancients, but their destinies had not unfolded yet. She would become a Healer of exceptional talent with a focus on creating potions of healing balm and elixirs of the soul. He a Transformer working all sorts of magic to help people find themselves and find their way. They would marry. There lives together were both simple and elegant. That changed.

They were both called to the Hall of Lights and their destinies became clear. They were to go to the distant land, Lemuria. The experiment had been underway for nearly 4000 years. It was sort of "late in the game." Some Siriuns were already being called home. Was it really their time to finally go? Apparently so. The Shining Ones gave them this crystal as an Ancient One: Grandmother/Grandfather. That it was an Ancient One: Shining One was unspoken and disguised. They were instructed to jointly keep this crystal but mostly guard and hold it for the next keeper to be revealed. When that keeper arrived they would know. It took them a few months to prepare and then they teleported to the distant land. Even as Siriuns were leaving the distant planet, a few like them were arriving. She went about her healing work and she taught in the Crystal City of Healers. He worked with both Siriuns and Lemurians helping them define and realize their hopes and dreams. They kept this crystal safe and it was an integral part of the magics they worked individually and together. It was also part of their loving relationship and of the family they would create.

She gave birth to a boy. He was fully Siriun born in a new land. He was also of the Dragon People – Eagle mother and Crystal father. Dragon and Draconian in nature. As a young boy he was strikingly handsome like the Eagle People and he had a charisma and radiance like the Crystal People. He was smart and eager and wildly full of life. He loved Lemuria. They all loved it, but his enthusiasm and love were boundless. He was fiery passionate about the people and the land and the beauty and the magic and the aliveness and the wonder and magic (again) and ... well just everything.

He was 15 when his parents got the call to come home to Sirius. They didn't want to leave but they knew it was right and they were ready. He, however, would not hear of it. He fought them fiercely, like the dragon he was. He argued that Sirius was their land and their home, this was his home and now his land. They were tormented. They understood but how could they leave him? They loved him dearly and he was their son, how could they leave him behind? And how could he leave them? He loved them didn't he?

It was in the midst of this chaos and crisis that they turned to this Ancient One: Grandmother/Grandfather, as they had done so many times before. Now was the most important of all. They sought the Counsels and Gifts. When they completed their magic, they were at peace, well not quite at peace. The boy would remain in his home and in his land. It was done. Almost.

As conjoined Ancient Ones they offer the full complement of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients. It is the conjoined Graces of the Ancients, however, that is exalted. As you sit with these Ancient Ones, also make that counterclockwise turn as you focus on the questions for which you seek insight – meaning or understanding or perception and conception. Some faces and sides you will pass. You will linger at others. Seek the specific Gifts and Counsels. But also find time and space to just sit still and get lost in the intricacy and beauty of this stunning crystal and its magical domain. It is then that the Grace of Ancients can merge with and strengthen your Grace. Even when you have no particular agenda to work, sometimes just stop and sit with the Grandmother or the Grandfather, and sometimes with both. Ancient Ones of this nature change your life in ways you seek and in beautiful ways you cannot yet imagine. Open. Allow. Receive.

Back to this crystal’s story: As the two Siriuns emerged with the crisis resolved, it took them awhile to process, assimilate, and adjust. During their final three months in Lemuria, they both realized that the second keeper of merit, the one the Shining Ones referred to, was their son. He was only 15, a man, but in their eyes, still a child. The two sat with this Ancient One, she with the Grandfather, he with the Grandmother. One by one, they pressed their brows to the crystal and poured all their knowledge and all their wisdom into it. With tears streaming down, they knew their "baby boy" was fully a man and that this crystal would be his grand father and grand mother. They were able and ready to come home to Sirius.

He had fought hard to stay, but he was also scared. Now was guardian and keeper of this crystal, he turned to it, and it became his guardian and guide. Its prowess as a Labyrinth of Wisdom awakened. As well as working with the Ancients, he would enter the Grandmother and move among those vertical veils releasing resistance and the obstacles to his perception. Moving through this labyrinth of twists and turns and dead ends, he would make his way to that wall between the Grandmother and Grandfather. It became a Wall of Truth and of Beauty and Goodness. In the between of Truth and Beauty, he would seek the Seeds of Goodness. Then into the dynamism of the Grandfather to put the potential into action, creation into manifestation. He found his direction and destiny.

You can work the Labyrinth of Wisdom as you seek Goodness found in the between of Truth and Beauty. Let this crystal be your ally upon the journey.

He decided: He entered the Crystal City of Healers. He would become a Lemurian Healer and his magic would be a confluence of Siriun and Lemurian magic. His destiny, to be a conduit for Siriun magic and Lemurian magic to become one magic, to create the maps for joining worlds and conjoining magic, to find the ones in magics.

While crossing the Magic Land he met a girl who had been called to Dreaming. They traveled together for a month. They fell in love, but he was a Healer and she a Dreamer. They decided that they would meet when they both returned to the world from their Cities. Their journeys took them separate ways. He was renowned for his physical healing and beloved for the magic of healing souls and resurrecting spirits. He also shared his Siriun magic with other Lemurian Healers and with Lemurian Witnesses and working magicians whenever he could. She was an extraordinary Dreamer whose dreams were healing and life-changing dreams. They were the dreams requested laced with the dreams of the soul.

They would meet whenever they could. They made love spiritually, magically, as well as physically. They were together for nearly 200 years when it was his time to die. Dreamers live longer than most. They said their goodbyes. It was hard. During their loving times together, they shared this Grandmother/Grandfather. They worked with the Labyrinth of Wisdom along with the Ancients' Counsels and Gifts. For decades they had woven dreams together. In their hands, the Ancient One: Weaver had awakened. As his farewell gift, he gave her this crystal.

As the third keeper of merit, this Ancient One become her companion and she began to weave new dreams – new kinds of dreams that were born of the future rather than the past, and born of Soul's desire. She dreamed new, more bold and daring dreams, dreams that shimmered with miracles, healing dreams that were miraculous. She was nearly 500 years old when her night dreams were of her lover, of the man she had loved and still loved. She knew she would join him soon. She began her journey to the Forbidden Land where Dreamers go to die. What should she do with this crystal? She began looking for the next keeper of merit, but she could not find him or her.

One night she extinguished her fire and laid there watching the full moon. So bright. Brilliant. It seemed larger than normal. She had this dear companion in the crook of her right arm as she fell asleep. She dreamed of a geometric of light and her lover stepped out of and came to her. He kissed her so gently yet with fiery passion. He looked into her eyes for what seemed like forever. Then he quietly gathered up this crystal and after a lingering final look, he stepped back into the light. She was not surprised when she awoke to find her arm was empty. He had been the keeper and guardian. She smiled. She packed up and made her way to the Forbidden Land.

This Shining One, conjoined Ancients Grandmother/Grandfather, and Ancient One: Weave and Weaver of New Dreams, returned to the Hall of Lights where its journey had began. Now it has appeared on Earth in search of its next keeper of merit. Were you one of the two first guardians or either the second, third, or fourth? Or maybe you are the one that that Lemurian Dreamer didn't find. Hadn't found yet. Congratulations for being the next keeper of merit for this crazy wild and wonderful crystal.