SOLD -- FL122345 ~ $4800 - Terry Clancy

Co-Creation Cluster
Synergy of Magics
Global Magic
Resonance Modulator
(Hand Chosen by Jach)

15" by 8" by 5"

Many of the quality vendors in Tucson display their crystals on two rooms. One is for the general public and the other is by invitation only. I have found that many of the vendors won't sell to everyone who wants to buy. I found this cluster in the “by invitation only” room. Now generally I am not drawn to clusters, but in the room, four clusters spoke to me. This is one of them. It wanted to come home with me.

The points have grown on a solid matrix and the points are unusually clear. Some have a tawny hue while others have a pink tint, and yet others are totally clear. All gather, hold, and release rich light. It's a beautiful cluster with a wide range of combined resonance creating an intricate complexity for working magic. Complexity can lift magical workings to a higher dimension or octave.

This cluster is aligned for working Co-Creation Magic and it can generate a Synergy of Magic -- a magic that is greater than the sum of its parts. To work your magic, you can activate specific points. For example, in working healing magic, once you have designed your strategy, touch the points and trust your intuition, or receive guidance from your Unseen Friends. You will feel the energy or hear the music of this point, but not that one, or a warmth or a chill in this other point and from the one next to it. Or not. Several points in one section may create a harmony where the active points are scattered about. Touch, choose, and when you are ready, work your magic. Success magic might activate entirely different points. Another approach: You can work with Calling the Ancients to create a Gathering or a Congress of Magicians to work Co-Creation Magic together. This point is the link to your Higher Self while that point calls your Soul. This one is for your Truer Self, or for one of your mentors, or an Ancient One you are specifically calling for this gathering. Maybe that point is to call an unknown unseen friend. Each gathering or congress may be different and the active points may be different.

An interesting way to work with this cluster is when you want to work with the various aspects or faces of yourself. To mature a loving relationship, for example, you can create an Assembly of Self. This point your Innocent, that one the Wise One or Spiritual Fool. This is the Masterful you and that point the Magician. Here's the Warrior. See what I mean? Create an Assembly of Self and work with creating a harmony, an alignment, or balance.

This cluster is also excellent for working Global Magic as you deal with the hotspots that touch your heart and soul or as you work with crises or tragedies that seem to call you to participate. This cluster can be an active ally in the Great Work of your world and of the world around you.

This cluster is a Resonance Modulator. You can use it to create the resonance of your design. You can create domains specific to the energy you want to work with. It can hold a resonance for 7 days with a radius of 200 yards. That's big.

It spoke to me. It may be speaking to you.