SOLD - FL124741 ~ $16,000 - Terry Clancy

Ancient One: Shining One
Ancient One: Sentinel of Love
Portal of Understanding
Magician's Renewal Stone
(Hand-selected by Jach)

14" by 9" by 8"

[This crystal comes with the custom wooden light box pictured, with space to add your own LED or other low temperature light.]

There is a richness to this grand crystal with its delicious citrine hue and its self-healed base. There is a captivating air of mystery to this gracious Ancient One with its labyrinth of misty inclusions and veils lifting from its cauldron base. Enchanting, with hushed whispers, it seems to call you, to entreat you, to be more than you have been. It challenges and it embellishes.

This crystal began its journey in Lemuria as a Magician's Renewal Stone. The first keeper, a Siriun Healer had been working with the community of Siriun engineers and magician who had been responding to the challenge of creating a new kind of human being. Their failures were frustrating and fatiguing. Her challenge was to help them and she, too, was failing. She searched for a crystal for focusing her magic. She found this one and in her hands it woke up. She and this crystal worked healing magic with the Siriun engineers and magicians. Their energies restored and renewed, their work continued and unfolded with success. As the Lemurians emerged, she continued her healing work with this Magician's Renewal Crystal.

For nearly two decades, she worked with it as a raw crystal, rough and ugly, but amazingly powerful. She began having dreams in which the skin of this crystal was opening like a lotus blooming to reveal the polished stone. She found a Siriun Master Crystal Carver and they worked together and this polished beauty emerged. Enhanced in beauty, revealing more of its true nature, its power also increased and expanded. The Ancient One: Sentinel and then Ancient One: Sentinel of Love blossomed.

As an Ancient One: Sentinel of Love, all the Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients are fully and bountifully available. The technique of Sitting with the Ancients is particularly powerful with this Ancient One. As you experience the Grace of the Ancients, look to the expression of your grace through the Faces of Love and through the focus of empathy. Through love and empathy, the Portal of Understanding can also open wide and full.

This crystal has an beautiful gateway to comprehension, interpretation, discernment, and assessment – the foundation of understanding. Work with this crystal. Enter its realm and open your heart to inference, appreciation, and valuation which lifts understanding from an ability to an art. Trace the seven edges of the primary presenting face. Run your index finger down the raw portion to the right of that primary face. You have unlocked the door. Enter the Portal of Understanding. Bring with you what you don't understand. Or seek the understanding that has been missing from your success. It's magical.

And of course, you can work with this crystal to renew your power, your strength, your love, and your magic.

And this crystal's story continues. When she was called back to Sirius, she gave this crystal to a Lemurian young man who had been called to healing magic. He had been called from a sad world. His mother had died in childbirth. His father, devastated by the loss of the woman he loved, spurned his son, abandoned him. The infant was raised by his maternal grandmother who also blamed the boy for the death of her daughter. He was 7 when on his own he went to the Fall Festival. There he was called. He didn't bother asking permission; he knew his grandmother would not object. Happy to be free, but still bitter due to the rejection that he had known all his life, he began his journey. The Siriun met the boy early on his journey. She saw his destiny and she saw that he would never reach it on his current path. She gave him this crystal to be his companion. He traveled the Magic Land for nearly 20 years. It took him that long to find the love and its magic and to find the understanding that would awaken his caring and compassion. During those two decades, the Portal of Understanding opened. The Ancient One: Sentinel of Love, the Portal of Understanding, and the Magician's Renewal Stone developed more fully and profoundly. He reached the Crystal City, developed as a healer, and returned to the world with this crystal at his side. He worked his compassionate healing magic for nearly 120 years. He became a Sage Lemurian Healer renowned for loving healing heart. He worked with the terminally ill and those who had been abandoned and lost.

There would be five other Lemurian keepers of merit. Three were human and they were all healers in one fashion or another. Two were faerie and likewise healers. When this crystal fell into its healing repose, the final keeper, a faerie Queen, brought the stone to the Crystal City of Lemurian Healers. It remained there until Lemuria began slipping into the mist. Few Lemurians remained. This crystal disappears. Vanished.

It was returned to the first keeper, the Siriun who had unearthed it. It was returned to her in the Hall of Lights as she had evolved to take her place among the Shining Ones of Sirius. The reunion was grand and this crystal shone brighter than before revealing the fullness of its nature as an Ancient One: Shining One.

Now it has been gifted to humans once again. How fitting that it emerges during an intensive of Human and Faerie Dialogues within the Imaginal Realm. It's time for another grand reunion of this Ancient One: Shining One and Ancient One: Sentinel of Love ... and you.