SOLD - FL124671 ~$3200 - Terry Clancy

Ancient One: Grandfather
Guardian of Enchantment
Magician's Tempering Crystal
Magician's Reality Stone
(Hand-selected by Jach)

8" by 6" by 4"

There was something about this crystal that called me. At first I thought no. It's too busy, too chaotic. But I kept coming back to it, touching it. Finally I just stopped looking and started listening. It is just waking up and it wants guidance and direction. I looked again. The clarity even with the flurry of inclusions, is incredible. Illuminating as well as reflective. There are two transmitting-receiving primary faces and the third is a Sirius face (five-edged rather than seven-edged). I looked inside more closely and understood that that's what light chaos, beautiful chaos, looks like. This crystal came home with me. Lazaris has aligned and encoded it. It now has direction, and it is ready to meet its keeper of merit for further direction and guidance. This

Ancient One: Grandfather offers a full complement of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients with a striking emphasis upon the Counsels of Mattering, Service, Destiny, and Voice. The exalted Gifts are Magic, Power Manifest, Belonging, and Empowered Destiny. Of the Grace of the Ancients, look to courage and confidence aligned with compassion and wisdom. Also look to the resonance of Champions: equity, justice, humanity. As an Ancient One: Grandfather, this crystal is encoded with the core of masculine energy: action, will, meaning, and understanding. You can sit with this crystal to temper your actions and sharpen your will. You can illuminate the mattering in your life with greater meaning and richer understanding. You can hone your understanding with enchantment and tempering.

This crystal is a Guardian of Enchantment. It protects and honors the mystery and the magic of enchantment. As you sit with this Guardian, admire each of the primary faces and all of the six sides. Just look, touch, listen. Begin with the presenting face and turn the crystal clockwise side by side and face by face. Admire. Appreciate. Be fascinated. Maybe enchanted. When you have come full circle, notice the Self-Discovery Window there between the first and last faces and sides. There in the between. That four-edged window, a self-discovery window, is your entry to the Land of Enchantment. The Guardian will allow you to pass. Enter the window and pause: know you are loved and are loving, embrace belonging and the robustness of your futures, sensuously feel and sensuously know, and honor life – your life. Finally open your heart to a touch of imagination. These are the gateways to enchantment. Step through and enter the beautiful chaos expressed by the wild flurry of endless shimmering inclusions and veils. Be tossed around, up, down, sweeping, swooping and come to rest. Surrender to the moment of mystery and imagination, of wonder and hope. Float in the timeless moment of joy and innocence and revel in the knowing that you belong. As you do, you will begin to feel the flow and then the reality of the bounty of enchantment: forgiveness, new possibility, compassion, understanding (the masculine logo), creativity, and beauty. You will feel the flow and reality of the sizzle of magic. Relax. Listen. Be. Only be. The experience and the magic can be beyond words. Transcendent.

This is a Magician's Tempering Crystal. Tempering is a critical part of bountiful and abundant success. It is integral to right action. It's important to temper your ideas, hopes, and dreams, and temper your actions. Welcome and work this crystal and then put what you want to temper into the crystal. Place it in the base. Now you enter at the base as well. Let it lift you through the maze or labyrinth of inclusions and mists. Along the way, the mysterious unknown within those inclusions will wash away what's not and leave the purity of your desire, hope, or dream. The beauty and elegance will be revealed. The lesser's self-interest will diminish. As well the purity of you and the beauty and elegance of you will be revealed and it can shine. With that purity, beauty, and elegance, now feel the full range of your emotions. Set your emotions "on fire" there within the flurry of inclusions and in the mystery. Then harness the fire. Direct your emotions upon that desire, that hope, or that dream. Allow "what it is" to emerge. When you are ready, you return. Let that desire, hope, or dream return when it's ready, when it's tempered. Amazing.

Finally this is a Magician's Reality Stone. When you are questioning your directions in life, in an action or event, or in the workings of your magic, you can do a reality check with this crystal. Focus on the Window of Self-Discovery which is also a Window of Self-Exploration. Enter through that portal. Sit with the Ancient One in dialogue. Let it be your reality check. You won't be disappointed.

Yes, I could have passed by this crystal because it was "too busy" or maybe I was almost too busy. But something called me. I am glad I listened. This Ancient One: Grandfather is awake, aligned, and encoded now. But it needs further direction. It wants to mold itself to your desires, your hopes, your dreams, and to your magic and your destiny.

1. Looking for the purity of desire/dream/hope

2. Sensing the beauty and elegance of that desire

3. Letting go of the lesser self-interest and the interest of the lesser self

4. Feeling the full range of emotion, constricting and expansive. Let the spark ignite. Be fiery

5. Harnessing the fire

6. Directing and focusing the emerging energy

7. Allowing the “what it is not” to be consumed and allowing the pure and clear of “what it is” to be forged anew.