SOLD -- FL122521 ~ $4500 - Majestic Crystals

Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic
Magician's Labyrinth
Vortex of Creativity
Purveyor of Wisdom
(Hand Selected by Jach)


This amazing Ancient One touches my heart. It seems to speak to my soul. When I came upon it, I was struck by its beauty of course, but there was something more. Suddenly I became reflective or introspective. There was something about the tone of the deep and dark citrine hue. Maybe it was the flow of rainbow light in the peak. I don't know and I still don't, but this crystal, rare and unique, speaks to something inside us, something special.

It is an Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic. It stands powerful and tall, even in its small size, as a reminder of our magic and that we are magicians. It stands as a focal point, maybe a pivot point, in the working of our magic. As an Ancient One, it offers the full array of Counsels and Gifts with a distinct emphasis upon the Counsels of Mattering and Remembering and of Magic and Destiny. There is also a focus on the Gifts of Worldly Success and Magic and upon Hope Triumphant. It is powerful. Magical. As an Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic, it holds the energies and resonance for Muse Magic, Glamoury, the Magic of the Ancients (Earth Magic), and for the Magic of Light (Air Magic). In this mix, it also holds the remembrance and the forces and powers of Co-Creation Magic. Begin with the primary presenting side, the side with the 5-edged Sirus Face. Focus on the middle. Above there is a beautiful clarity that is enhanced with delicate mists and wisps. Below there seems to be an entry into . . . what? The Unknown? If you enter above you can awaken Muse Magic. If you enter below you awaken the Magic of the Ancients -- Earth Magic. Now turn this Ancient One to the opposite side -- Opposing Side. In the chaos, there is still an above and a below portion. Above Magic of Light and below, in the undulation, Glamoury. Enter the portals. Immerse yourself in magic. Remember. Renew. Emerge. It's powerful.

This is also a Magician's Labyrinth. Not the primary or the opposite sides, but rather turn this crystal to sides between. One of those between sides also has a Sirius Face (5-edged) Notice the Galactic Message Plate. Enter below and enter the Labyrinth of Mystery. Enter above that plate and enter the Labyrinth of Oases that is so much a part of Co-Creation Magic.

Adding to the wonder, this is a Vortex of Creativity. As you turn this crystal to the other two between sides, you'll see the doorway in. Beyond this threshold you can renew your creativity when it has been depleted, relinquished, or exhausted. You can renew your Foundation of Creativity (Enchantment, Sacred Time, Allies/Mentors, Sacred Space, Mattering, Exploring the Unknown, and Inspiration) and you can sharpen the voices of creativity (curiosity, imagination, inspiration-passion, daring, vulnerability, wisdom, and generosity).

Finally this special Ancient One is also a Purveyor of Wisdom. It can awaken the essence of wisdom in you.

This crystal's story: It woke up in the latter days of Lemuria in the hands of a young girl as she and her grandmother made their way to a Summer Festival. It was a sad journey for them both. The girls parents had died in a fire along with her two younger brothers. Only she and her grandmother (6th generation) survived. They traveled in silence not really sure why they were making this journey. Grandmother was a Crone and a Story Teller Myth Maker. The girl had yet to be called. But was this the time? Really? The old woman had insisted. The two came upon this crystal when the old woman tripped and fell. Nothing broken but it was this crystal in its natural raw state that she tripped over. When the girl picked up the rock to toss it off the path, she was surprised at its weight and dumbfounded by how her arms tingled when she touched the rock. She drew it close hugging it. She cried. As flood gates opened, she wept deep grieving tears. She wept for nearly two hours all the while clutching this crystal. She washed away the guilt (why did she live? why didn't she die?) and the sadness and pain. The two continued on to the festival. The girl had her rock cut and polished and a radiant dark citrine beacon of magic emerged. She was called to be a Crystal Dancer -- Celebratory Magician. She would leave her grandmother at the end of the festival and travel to the Magic Land with her crystal companion. Over the span of two decades she would encounter several special people. Each would be her mentor for a time and then they and she would part ways. There was no Crystal City for Crystal Dancers or Celebratory Magicians. Experience and wisdom were their guides. She emerged a powerful magician who would work the magic -- the initiating magic -- to open and close festivals and celebrations. She would work her magic to create healing resonance and loving resonance, and resonance for dreaming and for working magic. Her reputation grew and she was renowned for the happiness and joy she brought to all whom she touched with her radiance, her magic, and her love. During the nearly 200 years together, the Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic flourished and the Labyrinth was opened. The wisdom only grew.

There were two more Lemurian keepers of merit: a Sage Healer and the final one was a Lemurian Dreamer. This crystal would wake up in all three civilizations of Atlantis. In the first it woke up in the glory days and was a celebrated gift from the ancestry, but it was buried and forgotten when the dark days emerged. Likewise in the second civilization it woke up and it was a powerful crystal when magic flourished, but when the corruption overpowered the light, the person chosen to guard this crystal was captured and imprisoned. He was able to hide the crystal and to alert a faerie friend. His final loving act was to make sure this crystal was safe. His friend, a faerie magician, carried the crystal into his realm.

In the final civilization of Atlantis, this crystal was returned to the human realm during the darkest days. He was a young magician with a powerful and inspiring voice. He was only 24 when there was a bounty on his head. Dead or alive . . . they wanted him dead. He traveled and lived among humans and worked his healing magic wherever he went. He healed physical wounds but also emotional ones, and he healed hope and inspired light in all whom he encountered. He sought refuge in the faerie realm and went there when the authorities were too close. A faerie king met him one day, and gifted this crystal to the young magician of the human realm. With this Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic, his power and his magic grew, becoming a light of hope and a beacon of the future. He became not only a powerful healer but a renowned visionary leader. A nemesis to the authorities. The Vortex of Creativity opened and the resonance of this crystal's various functions lived to new dimension. The Atlantean Healer-Leader-Visionary was the final keeper of merit. With his death, this Ancient One became no more than a stone. Forgotten.

Now it is awake and ready for reunion. You have been together before. Now together again. Congratulations.

Note: This Ancient One: Sentinel of Magic is part of the group of incredible and special deep citrine crystals that I came upon in Tucson this year. The depth of the dark citrine hue is extraordinary. It is hard to find such dark citrine, and it is harder to find such dark citrine with this gemlike clarity. Combine the geological uniqueness with the mystical consciousness present in this majestic Ancient One and this crystal is phenomenal. It's unbelievably rare.