SOLD -- FL122368 ~ $3200 - Majestic Crystals

Ancient One: Shining One
Self-Discovery Crystal
Liaison Crystal
Gateway to the Imaginal
Sirius Gateway
Skull Consciousness
(Hand-chosen by Jach)


This is an incredible crystal ... the first of its nature that I have encountered. This year (2017) when I went to Tucson, I meditated and worked magic. Many people have expressed their desire for Ancient One: Shining One crystals, but wished they were smaller and less expensive. So I put it out there: I want to find smaller Ancient One crystals, and especially smaller Ancient One: Shining One crystals. Well, my magic along with the magic of so many of you asking for smaller Ancient Ones, has worked beautifully and elegantly. This was the first small Ancient One: Shining One that I encountered.

The light is amazing. With the dance of inclusions and delicate mists, this stunning small crystals shimmers. The primary presenting face is the large triangular face with a transmitter-receiver face to the right and the other six-edged large face to the left. There is amazing lift to the reflective message plates, and among the several mists and veils, there's a sparkling one, a cone of mystery. As you stare into the primary triangular face, it feels as if someone — an Ancient One — is looking back at you. This crystal is alive with the energies and forces of the Ancients. It is also alive with Crystal Skull energy. Powerful. Fascinating.
As an Ancient One: Shining One, this small, wonderfully portable crystal offers the full compliment of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients. With Skull Consciousness and a transmitter-receiver face, this Shining One communicates with astounding clarity. As you welcome and work with it, sit with it silently at first. The technique, “Sitting with the Ancients,” is particularly powerful with this crystal. As you sit in silence, exploring the light, the rainbows, the flows of energy, the Grace of the Ancients comes alive and your graces as a spiritual being, as a magician, as a growing changing adult, also begin to flow and lift. This is a captivating crystal. Enchanting.
Self-Discovery Crystal: As you continue to sit with this Ancient One: Shining One in your hands, imagine questions about what you want to know of yourself. Present the choices you have or ask about the decisions you need to make. Wonder about the directions you are going or about your dreams and visions. Place your current desires in this crystal and wait upon the feedback. There is an elegance to your work as you cup this Ancient One in the palms of both hands. You can work with this crystal as it sits before you at eye level or slightly lower.

Liaison Crystal: This is a unique function. As this crystal communicates with you, it can also communicate for you. It can be a liaison carrying what you want to say or transmit to your Higher Self and Soul, what you want to say to your Counsellors. As you work your magic, do you want to convey information or send healing energy to others in your reality? Do you want to impart energy to their Higher Selves or Souls? Maybe you want to talk with world leaders. This crystal can be your liaison of communication, healing, of dreaming and visioning. Welcome and work it. Then talk away. Be spontaneous and talk from you heart. Then give direction. Who do you want to reach?

Gateway to the Imaginal: Turn the crystal around to the opposing side. It is an awkward shape but it is also a Sirius face (5-edged). This lower portion of this opposing side is oblique. Hold the crystal in with both hands. Stare into that 5-edged face. Suspend a moment and enter the crystal through that V-Gateway created by the inclusions. Let it carry you into the Imaginal Real. There explore. Work your magic.

Sirius Gateway: You can also turn the crystal so you are gazing into that oblique portion of the opposing side. There you will see a portal of entry. Call upon God/Goddess/All That Is or the resonance and the magic of Sirius. Another approach: Let it carry you to Sirius.

This crystal's story: The story with this Ancient One: Shining One and with several of the others is similar. This is a quartz crystal from Sirius. It does not have a lengthy provenance. The Shining One Consciousness was awakened by the Shining Ones in the Hall of Lights of Sirius. The Shining Ones also imbued and encoded this crystal with its additional qualities: Self-Discovery, Liaison, Gateways, and with Skull Consciousness. It could be said that this particular crystal was “born an Ancient One: Shining One.” It has been gifted to the earth — to our world in its state of turbulence as the old systems crumble away. You will be the first ever keeper of merit and guardian for this amazing crystal. It’s a significant responsibility. You are ready.