SOLD -- FL122363 ~ $3850 - Majestic Crystals

Ancient One: Grandfather
Magician's Freedom Wall
Purveyor of Inner Peace
Glamour Magic
(Hand-selected by Jach)


This is a fascinating crystal, so mysterious and beautiful. It's a Lemurian Natural Point crystal. Notice the ridges on the partial polished primary presenting side. There is a chaotic cauldron in the base with misty veils lifting in a undulating pattern. And then there is that back wall with its iron inclusions and the indentations where tiny crystals began to grow -- a fertile wall of mystery with mists clinging to it. As soon as I picked it up, I knew it had to come home with me. I sat with it in the corner of the warehouse.

It's an Ancient One: Grandfather with equal emphasis upon the full complement of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients. I took several minutes to sit with this Ancient One: Grandfather. I slowly ran my right thumb down the bands of ridges. Then my left thumb. It was as if the crystal immediately responded. It was so easy. So elegant. So freeing. The Grace of the Ancients easily flowed from it to me. I could have continued but I was sitting in the corner of a warehouse. [s] It is an Ancient One: Grandfather so it holds the resonance of masculine energy: will and action along with meaning and understanding. There is a dynamism in this Ancient One's resonance and radiance.

The back is a Magician's Freedom Wall. Welcome and work this crystal and then spend some time sitting with it to avail yourself of its Counsels and/or Gifts. Be conscious and courageous enough to ask for what you want. Also take those moments to be touched by the Grace of the Ancients: Confidence, compassion, wisdom, courage, the resonance of being a champion of truth and justice, the empathic linking to individuals, community, and humankind, the radiance of love, and yes, something unspoken that is mysterious, majestic, and grand. Then turn to the Wall. What do you want to be free from? What constricting emotion? What negative thoughts? What shame or pain? Clearly admit and own that you want to be free from it. Ask the Ancient One for the will to take action. Then "throw" that energy hard against the back wall. Sense it sticking. If it doesn't stick and falls into the chaotic cauldron at the base, conjure it again and throw it with more passion and determination. When it sticks, throw the other component of the freedom from which you seek. Also, throw the unspoken and yet to be discovered components. When they all stick, end your magical working. Return the next day, at least 10 hours later. Welcome and work this Ancient One. Take it to the sink and wash it in lukewarm water. Wash the debris away. Be free from.

To work with the Wall of Freedom for "freedom to": Clear the crystal by washing it in lukewarm water. Then welcome, work, and sit in silence with the Ancient One: Grandfather. When you are ready, ask for the Counsels and Gifts that you feel are a part of what you want. Also be willing to receive the Gifts that you may not realize you need. Only then open a dialogue about what you want to be free to do or to be. Express it in words. Then in images. Feel your desire intensely in your heart. Let it build and build until the expanded pressure is also intense. Then open your heart and let the desires fly soaring to the Wall. They land with force and they splatter on that Wall. They make a mess. Some will drip down into the cauldron. Before you leave, enter the crystal and submerge yourself in that cauldron altered by the freedom to be more and to be free. Once you leave, wait at least 10 hours and then return. Now enter the crystal and walk to the Wall. Press against it. Feel the resistance (your resistance) and then push through the Wall. The freedom to is absorbed into your body. It becomes yours. It becomes you.

This crystal is also a Purveyor of Inner Peace. "Freedom from" and "freedom to" can bring you inner peace but this crystal brings the essence of that sort of peace. It can nourish and nurture you with inner peace. Sit with it. Be still with it and then enter it. Enter the cauldron. Submerge. When you emerge, let yourself float up into the middle and surrender to the suspended moment. Surrender to the Inner Peace. Beautiful.

Finally with that chaotic cauldron in the base, this crystal is superb for working Glamour. That's the magic of initiation, gracious love, and joy. The magic of dominion with a healing balm that nurtures. It's the magic of challenge that engages the wisdom of the Ancients and the gifts of compassion.

As I sit with this Ancient One: Grandfather, the fascination grows. Its majesty lifts and I am lifted.

This crystal's story: It began its journey in the middle year of Lemuria. It was unearthed by a young man traveling through the Magic Land on his way to become a Lemurian Witness. He and his mentor were caught in a torrential thunderstorm, the heavens wild with wind and lightning. They sought refuge in a cave. There they came upon a pocket that contained only one crystal. This one. It was majestic in its natural unpolished state. Immediately he knew it was his crystal to guard. In the morning the two ventured out into a bright sunny morning with crisp clear blue sky. A luminous day. The two would continue traveling the Magic Land for 40 years. Each time he approached his City of Lemurian Witnesses, he was distracted by someone in distress. Late to his City, he was well versed in the human condition and was a master of creating safety and security -- in creating peace -- for those he encountered. Once in the City, his journey accelerated. With this Ancient One: Grandfather and Purveyor of Inner Peace, he returned to the world, a Sage Lemurian Witness. He became a compassionate judge and witness renowned for fairness and justice, for his wisdom and compassionate heart, loved by even those he had assessed and decreed wrong. He and this crystal worked with peace and also with freedom from and freedom to. After 200 years of witnessing, he passed this crystal to another.

The next five guardians were also Witnesses. Then this Ancient One was passed on to a Healer destined to become a Sage Healer. She was already a woman, a wife, and a mother of four children when she was called to healing. She was incredulous. Yes, she was magical in the ways she loved and cared for her children and for the people in her village and beyond and throughout the region. She was surprised but others weren't. They wondered why she hadn't been called and were delighted that she had finally been realized for who she was. When her youngest was of appropriate age, she said goodbye to her husband and to her friends. She made her way to the Rim of the World. Only four years later she was at the base of the Crystal City of Lemurian Healers. It was on the final morning before departing once again that she met the Witness who guarded this crystal. He gave this crystal to her, and she and this Ancient One disappeared and reappeared in her City. She was nearly 45 when she entered and 60 when she returned, a novice healer. However it didn't take her long. She evolved to be a Sage Healer in only a decade. Most her healing work was emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. She was highly respected with reputation of compassion and of working magic with gracious love (Glamour). When she was to depart once again to die, she passed this crystal on to her Grandson (8th generation) in the lineage of her son who had died so long before.

There were three more guardians before this crystal slipped into its own healing repose.

Now it is awake and eager to reunite with one of its reincarnated guardians. Maybe you were the first of the Witnesses or of the Healers. Sit and seek the counsel.