SOLD -- FL122348 ~ $12,000 - Majestic Crystals

Ancient One: Shining One
Ancient One: Sentinel of Beauty
Ancient One: Way Shower
Liaison of the Soul
Purveyor of Hope
Gift from Sirius
(Happily Hand-selected by Jach)


I can't stop. I sit with this Ancient One – triple Ancient One – and I can't stood exploring its endless wonder and boundless beauty. I look away. I look back. I touch and I can't stop. I turn it and peer into each side to discover a unique world. Salamanders wink, and Sylph dash by and seem to disappear. The Undine are continually at work and the Gnomes seem invisible, but their work is obviously there. The substance of this crystal is astounding. I am enchanted by the fantail lift of shimmering reflective message plates. Explosive. I look into this crystal from the top and I see a kaleidoscope of beauty. Breath taking. I just can't stop and it feels as if this crystal doesn't stop. Is it continually changing, growing, evolving? I look away; I look back at it again. Endlessly.

As I experience the radiant illuminating light of this crystal, I understand the power of beauty in new and wonderful ways. The phrase "joy and peace simultaneously" comes alive. Being embraced by beauty becomes more meaningful, and understanding that beauty is a demanding lover becomes more real. This is not the end all of beauty, but it is astounding in its grandeur and impact. Be with it a while. You'll know what I mean.

This crystal began its journey in the hands of a young woman, a budding artist, among the Crystal People (the Light Beings – not the Beings of Light) of Sirius. She was last born of seven children and the only girl. A princess in her family, praised, pampered, protected, throughout her life by her parents and six brothers. She had a privileged life of elegance. By the time she was 7, it was clear that she loved color and shape, and at the age of 15 she was already a brilliant artist. A genius with only success and glory ahead of her. Yet she was restless and imprisoned in her discontent. Everything that was supposed to matter to her didn't, and she had no idea what did or would or could matter. Alone in a crowded world of family and school and social connections, her loneliness began slipping into despair. Seeking help from her spiritual ancestry, the Grandmothers (the Ancients among the Wise Old Women) suggested a Vision Quest. A Vision Quest? Alone? She was afraid, but there were no other options. She surrendered.

It was upon that quest that she found this crystal. It was an unassuming rock that she had leaned upon on the 10th afternoon. It was raw and natural and quite ugly, but she felt its resonance. From the edges of despair, hope sprang alive. She remained sitting with her rock for the rest of her quest. She had found what she was looking for. After returning to her family, she walked away from all their obligatory and social demands. In her self-imposed exile she was willing to take the solitary journey. She had the ugly stone polished and this beauty of radiant light emerged.

The first awakening were the energies and the force of the Ancient One: Way Shower and the Liaison of the Soul. She found her spiritual path, and she found her true family. Her art would become radiant expressions of beauty and pathways for awakening and building union with souls. She became a Shaman, Healer of Souls and healer to many. She evolved to be an Ancient Shaman and Wise Woman Crone among her people, renowned for her radiance, her love, her beauty, and her grace of inspiring people. She was renowned for the beautiful healing and for helping people "find their way home." She became a way shower and a liaison – a human expression of this crystal. It was her companion for nearly 800 years.

The second and third keepers also were healers who became Ancients among the Crystal People. It was the third keeper who heard the call of Lemuria. He responded and with this crystal he became one of the team – the community of Siriun Healers – to work together to create a new kind of human being in that distant land orbiting that distant star. It was in his hands that the Ancient One; Sentinel of Beauty woke up. His magic was the Magic of Hope and also the Magic of Beauty. The engineers and magicians worked together until they were exhausted, and the endless failures and disappointments triggered angers and fears along with hurt and pain. Rage flowed sometimes out of control and it would ebb as they remembered who and why they were. Depression and despair were not uncommon. But hope brought them back and beauty lifted them out of themselves. Together the Siriun guardian and this crystal worked, not to create a new kind of human being, but to heal the Siriun engineers and magicians who were already human beings, not gods.

When success finally came, this keeper continued his love affair with the land and began his love with these new people. The first several generations were so fragile but by the fifth and sixth and by the 10th generation, they were stronger and their path was clear. The Siriun continued working his healing magic and was thrilled with helping people find the link and develop their relationships with Soul. He had been in Lemuria for nearly 600 years and had seen 12 generations of Lemurians come into being. He wept when he was called home to Sirius. He vowed to return. He went into the Magic Land and placed this crystal in a sacred place and carefully covered it with rocks. Camouflage.

The fourth keeper, the first Lemurian, uncovered this Ancient One: Way Shower and Sentinel of Beauty a century later. He had been called to be a Lemurian Witness and was on his way through the Magic Land with his mentor, a Sage Witness. They have been traveling together for almost 15 years and the two had encountered hundreds of people. The younger was learning of human nature and of human vulnerabilities so he could understand and thus be a wise witness, a record keeper of wisdom. When he first found this crystal he celebrated this gift from the ancestry, this gift from his Grandfathers. It became his lifelong companion as he became a Witness and a Sage Witness renowned for the power and the beauty of his assessments, evaluations, and judgments. When it was his time to die, he found the final keeper of merit for this amazing double Ancient One crystal.

She was a Lemurian Sage Healer of exceptional renown. She was called the Miracle Worker because she was the healer for "lost causes," for those for whom nothing could be done, and she was called in for healing human disasters: plagues, floods, fires, and other tragedies with massive injuries and losses of life. She thought it was her time to die when she went to the Fall festival in the lush farm lands. There she met the Sage Witness. When she saw his crystal companion, she was enchanted. Besotted. Her whole body tingled. She trembled and could not speak. Paralyzed. A silent tear trickled down her cheek. Without a word, the Sage Witness gave this crystal to the Sage Healer.

This final keeper was the reincarnation of the Siriun Healer who had heard the call of Lemuria and who had vowed to return when he got the call to return to Sirius. As a woman, a Sage Lemurian Healer, the two were reunited and continued their journey for another 70 years. Within the Forbidden Land, she sat with this crystal and called upon Sirius and upon the Shining Ones. She waited. In the lost hours of night, this crystal vanished in a ball of radiant light. Satisfied that this crystal was at home in the Hall of Lights in its place with the Shining Ones of Sirius, the Sage Healer turned. She died before sunrise.

This crystal is now awake and ready to reunite with you. It can be your Sentinel of Beauty and your Way Shower companion, confidant, and ally. It offers the full complement of Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients and the Grace of the Ancients is exalted in this grand crystal. It can be a Portal of Beauty and you can walk into its domain to be embraced by beauty and to fall in love all over again. Beyond the functions of the Ancients, this is a Liaison of the Soul. With it you can enhance your relationship/partnership with your soul and with God/Goddess/All That Is. Connecting with the souls of those you love and with the souls of those you encounter in your Great Work can be more elegant in conjunction with this crystal. It is also a Purveyor of Hope. You are a masterful magician. You will find, design, and develop your individual ways of working together. It's a grand union, a life-changing union.