Geodes: Amethyst and Citrine - Terry Clancy
  • Geodes: Amethyst and Citrine

Hi there again,

The thing about amethyst, besides the fact that it’s beautiful, is that it has the capacity to create a resonance of quiet and in that quiet the presence of peace. When amethyst presents itself as a cluster the quiet and peace lift to become a domain. Sit with a cathedral-shaped geode of amethyst and it is so easy to enter a Sacred Place. In that place, magic becomes special... sacred, it seems to me.

Amethyst is often called the Meditator’s Crystal because it functions in ways to quiet the mind and to inspire reaching beyond the current moment, reaching for something more. A single point or sphere can be a great meditation companion, and it can enhance your connection and communication with your Higher Self. I have a small standing point that I use when I meditate.

However, when you work with a cathedral cluster of amethyst, the energies and the qualities are amplified. Get eye-level and sit before the cluster. Don’t do anything at first. Just look. See the points, not all of them, but the ones that today stand out, that today speak to you. When you are ready, touch those individual points to acknowledge them and appreciate them. Gratitude. As you touch, you are also activating those particular points creating a unique resonance. Now sit back and breathe slowly. Deeply. As well as quieting your mind while inspiring you to meditate, your chakras are coming into balance/alignment. If you give a little direction, your chakras are being cleansed. Slow, deep breaths. As the resonance builds, you are being surrounded in a cocoon of fiery light. The cathedral geode of amethyst creates a domain, and in that Domain of Light you have dominion: protection, blocking and dissolving interference, awakening chakras (6th to 12th), and inspiring (Light) or igniting (fiery Light) greater perception, insight, wisdom, and understanding.

Clusters haven’t drawn my attention before. This year — the Year of Co-Creation — clusters have captured my imagination as well as my attention. Enrique and I have an amethyst cluster. He found it and insisted. :) Now we use it for meditation. A single amethyst is great, but a cluster can be amazing.

Here are four beautiful clusters that we thought you’d enjoy. One of these may speak to you.


Much love,