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Jach talks about his crystal search

Crystal Companions: Purveyors of Hope, Weavers of New Dreams

Hi there,

We haven’t sent out an email displaying crystals in a while. The holidays were hectic in Colombia and like most of you, I have been dealing with the aftermath of the 2016 election. But it’s now time to move forward, so we are sending you this email.

And we are starting with a bang: Three Ancient One: Shining Ones. Two of them are double Ancient Ones, and one of them is a triple. For variety, I have included a spectacular cluster and a very special Ancient One: Grandfather.

First, the cluster: As I’ve said, usually I am not drawn to clusters and this is one of the few exceptions. Its points are beautiful, some with a tawny hue, some with a pink hue, and the others remarkably clear. This is a beautiful cluster, but more than beautiful, it is powerful, almost overwhelmingly, certainly enchantingly so. As I look at a huge gathering of clusters (the vendor specializes in Himalayan Clusters), this was one that spoke to me. It had a radiance that glowed. Amazing. There were two such clusters at the October (Faerie Realm) workshops. This one is still seeking its guardian/keeper.

The next in line is that triple Ancient One. Actually it’s a quadruple Ancient One — Ancient One: Grandmother/Grandfather (conjoined); Ancient One: Weaver of New Dreams, and an Ancient One: Shining One. I began my writeup about this crystal: “This is crazy wonderful.” I have never come across a crystal — an Ancient One: Shining One — like this. It’s pricey because of the quality of the quartz — the geological value — and the size of the piece, but the true value is in the expressions of consciousness of this masterful Ancient One: Shining One. It’s truly one of a kind.

The next Ancient One: Shining One is so clear, so beautiful, and it’s filled with dazzling dancing rainbows. It’s easy to just sit and stare into this crystalline world. I was surprised at first to learn that it was an Ancient One: Sentinel of Imagination because that’s so unusual. But as I sat with this stunning piece, I wasn’t surprised at all. It inspires and then stirs and triggers imagination. Wow. I think this Ancient One: Shining One is incredible.

The final Ancient One: Shining One is the last one, the deep beautiful citrine Ancient One that can touch your heart. It is also an Ancient One: Sentinel of Love. It comes with a wooden stand because the base is natural and self-healed. I encourage you to enlarge the photos so you can see the delicate and elegant interior. This sensuous crystal is awe-inspiring. It stopped me in my tracks in Tucson. I couldn’t believe it. By the way, the quality of the quartz, the quality of the citrine, and the clarity of the crystal also make this Ancient One: Shining One unique.

I included that Ancient One: Grandfather because, though very different than the others, it too is unique. It is just now waking up. Wow, a newly awakening Ancient One. It seeks a guardian/keeper for guidance and direction. This means that it will be tempered and molded to your desires, your presence and grace, and to your radiance. It can be a companion piece from its nascent state. That’s a rare opportunity for both you and this crystal.

So there they are. Sit with the photos. Read the cards. Drink in the energy: the loving, the healing, and the dreaming.

There will be more crystals available in time. I just came back from Tucson, and when I finish this email, I am going to go and begin unpacking them. It’s sort of my reward. [s]

Much love,


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Click the pictures below for more images.

Crystals and lighting: One of the amazing things about quartz crystals is how different they can look in different light. Citrine looks more beautifully citrine (yellow tones in varying shades from lemon to deep orange) on a warm (incandescent) light box, while clear quartz reveals its platinum sparkle better in cool light. We have tried to show each crystal in different types of light so you can see the differences in how the crystal will look in the light you use.

Amethyst has long been associated with spirituality and is one of the most recognized crystals in the world. It comes in many different formations, and geodes are often placed in homes and businesses to create a sense of harmony. Melody calls it both "warm and cuddly as well as regal and ruling" and this description helps explain its universal appeal. It is often called "the Meditator's stone" and is wonderful for connecting with your Higher Self as well as for enhancing deep states of meditation.

Citrine is one of two crystals that will not hold negativity, rather it instantly transmutes and dissipates it (Kyanite is the other). Citrine balances and aligns the chakras, stimulates mental focus and endurance and promotes emotional balance, comfort and optimism. It also helps dispense with fear at a fundamental level. Citrine brightens one's reality and allows for the clarification of problems - an excellent stone for penetrating problems and expediting solutions. It stimulates the crown chakra and is excellent for clearing the aura and aligning the spiritual and physical bodies. Citrine is a powerful and beautiful crystal which can stabilize emotions, dispel anger and anxiety, encourage new beginnings and help to generate a reality of excellence.

Geodes are especially conducive to working with manifesting dreams as they are magical crystal caves where dreams and wishes, written down and tucked away on papers, incubate in the geode that acts as a healing cocoon, nurturing and protecting nascent dreams and visions.

Here are three beautiful geodes that we thought you’d enjoy. One of these may speak to you.


Much love,