Majestic Crystals

Jach talks about his crystal search

Magicians' Allies and Tools

Hi there,

As most of you know, I went to Tucson in January 2017 looking for crystals. I came across some beautiful quartz that are truly spectacular. I mean, I was surprised and impressed with the metaphysical prowess of so many of the crystals I encountered. There is something happening with crystals. There is a shift in the air — in the energy and in the resonance. Many of the vendors I visited spontaneously spoke of it. The quality of the crystals they are mining and polishing has changed. The crystals are more intense. More powerful. More “I don’t know … is it okay to say mystical?”

It seems to me that the crystals know what we — you and me, all of us — are doing, and they are being more visible, more present, more “out there” ready to work with us. Allies. Working together with us to heal, to dream, to love, to change the world, and to work together as our world becomes new.

I am excited to show you this first group of special crystals. There are two Ancient One: Shining One crystals in this group. One is amazingly small. I worked magic prior to Tucson because I wanted to find more “magician’s tools” since we are stepping up our magic: raising our voices to be heard. I also wanted to find more small Ancient Ones, and I had a special hope to find small Ancient One: Shining One crystals. The magic worked. The large Ancient One: Shining One is a triple Ancient One with a powerful and touching provenance. It’s stunning and profound. I am enchanted by it, and I think you will be too. The other, the small one, is a single Ancient One, and that singularity is a Shining One. It is breathtaking. Alive with light, brilliant, and as you cup it in the palms of your hands, you become alive with light, love, and magic.

I also have included some flower amethyst in this grouping. They are rare. I found them with one vendor who I admire for his integrity, value for his metaphysical understanding, and whom I trust. He only had a few of these flower amethyst, and I was able to hand-pick just the ones I wanted. That is, I didn’t have to buy the entire group. I could choose the most promising and the most powerful ones. These are the special ones. Beautiful. There aren’t many out there in the world, and they are harder and harder to find.

Also rare: green gold citrine. It’s beautiful, but more than that, it is uniquely powerful. You’ll realize they are special when you hold them, but even by looking at the photos you can feel that there is something more about these rare crystals with their incredible color. They are quartz but their chemistry is unusual. Through a gentle heat process (not irradiation) their color changes from a deep almost smoky (almost black) color to this amazing green gold citrine hue. That doesn’t happen with just any quartz; only a special kind. The supply of these crystals seems to be exhausted. There may be more next year. Maybe not. I arrived as the vendor was unpacking his few specimens of green gold citrine. Again, I was able to choose only the pieces I wanted. I didn’t have to take them all. I chose the most potent ones and I was struck by the clarity, the beauty, and the power.

I came across some incredible rose quartz. Decades ago rose quartz was bountiful, but now high quality rose quartz is difficult to find. I found a few amazing spheres. I have included a few of them here. Even in the photos, which never fully capture the intensity, these pieces are impressive. They speak to you.

I came across a wonderful group of crystals that I call Palming Crystals. They are naturally double terminated, which means they are more focused and more powerful. The C-Axis is uniquely powerful. Laser-like. They also lay on their sides rather than stand. They are to be cupped in the palms of your hands or they can be placed beside you and you rest your palm upon them as you work your magic. Thus the name, Palming Crystals. They are aligned for the resonance of working magicians — for masterful magicians like you and me. I have included only a few here. I made a point of looking for them, and I found a nice number of them with three of the vendors I always visit. There will be more of them at the July workshops.

There are other crystals in this grouping and they are pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to highlight some of what are here, and then I encourage you to explore.

I’m presenting these crystals for the first time to you here, online, in advance of the July workshop. I wanted you to have a chance to see them first. The ones that don’t find their guardians and keepers online will be available in Los Angeles during the July workshops. Have fun exploring.

Much love,


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Crystals and lighting: One of the amazing things about quartz crystals is how different they can look in different light. Citrine looks more beautifully citrine (yellow tones in varying shades from lemon to deep orange) on a warm (incandescent) light box, while clear quartz reveals its platinum sparkle better in cool light. We have tried to show each crystal in different types of light so you can see the differences in how the crystal will look in the light you use.